Tonia's Vincent Price Fan Site

10 July

Years ago I created the Vincent Price Fan Site as a regular website to keep track of my Vincent Price movie collection. Of course there have been many changes in my life that required me to close the site. I packed away all my movies, and went along my merry way.

Of course with a FREE option, I can try to recreate my old site :o)

I currently have 39 movies in my collection, and 1 comic book. I will be listed my entire selection on this site, and as my movie collection grows... this site will grow as well!
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1. The exact picture of the box (if vhs) or case (if dvd) will be included in the post

2. The movie description from the box or case will be included.

3. From time to time I will include some of my own opinions... but sometimes not. If want to know what I truly thought of a specific movie, just post a comment, and I will respond to it. If you want more detailed information about the movie with all the spoilers, I have included some of my favorite sites thus far below.

4. The filmography link below with the movies that I have listed.

5. Each post will be added to memories, and catagorized by year.. i.e. The 30s, The 40s, etc...

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One of the best things about the links I've included below is that when I first found some of these sites there were just beginning, and almost 5+ years later, they are still around and being updated! I've lost a lot of links over the years, but I will try to update that section

1. The Vincent Price Film Site - This is the best site thus far!

2. Hear Vincent Price at The Pit!!! - When I first found this site... I was giddy with joy!

3. A Vincent Price Tribute - One thing that is great about this site is it includes some of Vincent Prices recipies. I haven't tried them out yet, but I hope to soon. You can offer find VP's receipe book on ebay. I'm going to start saving for that, because betting is fierce in the last few minutes.

4. The Vincent Price Exhibit - This site has changed A LOT from when I first came across it years ago. I can't wait to take a better look at it again. It seems like there is much more info then before!

5. Vincent Price Art Gallery - One day I'll get to the West Coast to visit the gallery...

6. Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art - Sears Collection - as a companion to the last link. Some people remember this promotion, some don't just depends on your age! :o)

7. Edgar Allan Poe Stories Online - I love reading Edgar Allen Poe. I will be included links from this site on related movie posts.